Apr 24

Asking Questions When Dating – Sunday Service

Single people, if you’re dating someone…you need to ask 1000 questions during the dating process. This past Sunday, I touched on a few of these questions during service. www.CrefloDollarMinistr…
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  1. Creflo Dollar
  2. Darrell Milner

    truth mostly…?

  3. Kyle Jackson

    I’m no more good Ahaha he said how is your relationship with soap and water

  4. Sherry McQueen

    Amen #what’syourmotive? Ask questions, get straight honest answers and find
    important rules guidelines from the Word of God in building relationships
    Amen Amen ?

  5. Audrea Winbush Lott - Life Coach

    Single ladies…y’all better listen! Ladies, warn your daughters,
    granddaughters, nieces, sisters, cousins… Often men are more or less “on
    the prowl” for a good, sweet “church girl” because they know she is
    valuable. People just don’t understand why we ask the hard questions in
    premarital counseling. Let that infatuation phase subside and see what you
    are really dealing with. You better know who you are dating! You don’t want
    any unexpected discoveries AFTER the “I do!” is on the record. Don’t dance
    around the elephant standing in the middle of the room…. deal with it! No
    matter what age, this is useful info… AND it’s funny!?

  6. Emadu Everyday

    hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I LOVE ME SOME CREFLO DOLLAR!!!!!!! PLEASE SHARE

  7. Audrea Winbush Lott - Life Coach

    Sharing this with ALL of the premarital couples from now on as well as with
    all of the single ladies I counsel/coach/mentor… The hard (yet obvious)
    questions MUST be asked! The delivery is so funny that they won’t know
    what hit them! Love it!?

  8. Peter Davis
  9. MrMaxismybaby

    Is that hair you got on your head yours, or did you pay for it??

  10. eauxclairesslsn

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