Apr 21

Boy on Boy Action – DEIZ DATING SIM IS BACK!

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  1. KPopp

    **passes out confetti** On the count of three, throw your confetti!
    **throws confetti**?

  2. The Kawii Haru

    Guy on Guy action is gay.. Whats so wrong with that though??

  3. keyvon huff

    Carmines voice sounded like the elephant from Camp Lazlo (I think thats
    what its called)?

  4. Eniah K

    Lol charmie’s voice is so weird but i love it?

  5. Nicoll Butter

    Carmine turned into an evil Canadian…?

  6. Wonderland Crows

    Yaoi is everywhere man, you can’t escape it **w**?

  7. K????? Y?????

    Wait, is that iris in there on the side of the screen watching?

  8. Ashlan Carrott

    When you said Sam Pepper I died of laughter! Shots fired!?

  9. Cat The Killer

    Yess all the yaoi u?

  10. DistantStarfall

    “Who are you, Sam Pepper!?”
    dyiNG SEND HELp?

  11. Georgia Email

    Is it weird I find this hot??

  12. Thomas Turtle

    4:19 but that’s what all anime is.
    X + Japanese = Anime, when X = Homo Erotic, solve for X.?

  13. Reyhan Yilmaz

    Heh. Yaoi :3?

  14. Aaron Wilson


    Them girls blusing, I think Persona 3 Yukari Takaba is there. If I was the
    blue haired guy I would kill every girl in that room or cut my dick off
    first or shoot myself dead ?

  15. Cherry Berry

    Yaaas YAOI….I know I’m a girl but it’s still normal to like yaoi *p*?

  16. Allyson Rodriguez

    Hi I’m here early!?

  17. Ivana Korijen

    5:14 yes, Ceil, it is sick but that’s what yaoi does!?

  18. Reika Midori

    Oh god what is this game!? XD?

  19. Malini Correa

    Dey r cute…?

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