May 03

Brazilian bikini waxing. Удаление нежелательных волос воском

Если Вы относитесь к числу тех, кто следит за собой, то Вы, естественно, знакомы с этой процедурой – глубокой…


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  1. Edward Moroz

    Guys I had a butt waxing and after I had to go to the doctor for a check up
    on my butt and the doctor said that I had to get a shot on my butt(it hurt
    so bad)my butt had nothing on it.And I don’t do waxing now?????

  2. Keiser Koba

    That is by far the most clumsy waxing routine I’ve ever witnessed. Amateur!
    The girl getting smooth is fine though.?

  3. miss-perfect
  4. Master Peezee

    Omg… what I wouldn’t do to have this lady’s job! My fingers might
    “accidently” slip a time or two… She after all, deserves some pleasure to
    offset all the pain she’s enduring.?

  5. TikiTaka Studio

    wow, awesome video, nice work, bro! I enjoyed your clip?

  6. Tinho Pontes

    coloquem mas esta e muito gostosa valeu ..?

  7. Edward Walton

    the doctor was puting het in pain to get his rub on on the shy.?

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