Oct 31

Chinese Elevator are the life blood of buildings

Chinese Elevator are the life blood of buildings, thus enabling personnel to operate as one functional unit instead of splinters of confusion.

The question has often risen, are elevators safe for the public to ride, especially after a major public incident!

Regardless of what has happen in the past, the local state, and federal government has dramatically improved elevator public safety by mandating frequent inspections, including annual test of major components, also 5 year test on other pertinent equipment to ensure safe, smooth operations for years to come.

Also the number of state elevator inspectors has increased because of more frequent inspections for public safety.

The public always assumes that an elevator is not safe or is in disrepair when the unit is being serviced by an elevator technician.

And when people spot technicians getting on top of an China Elevator to inspect hoist cables or just routine maintenance it is automatically believed that something is wrong.