May 01

Dating: East vs. West

Mike and Dan discuss some of the differences in dating between eastern and western cultures. Also advice on the first date.


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  1. Anna Rose

    I never pick favorites …. but I do agree with Mike ONLY because I’m the
    type of girl who likes it when a guy acts like a classic gentleman. I love

    ===================== WARNING : Long ass story about a past date experience
    ahead! =====================

    So, this was a pretty shit date, first of all, fair warning… So, I drove
    for 3 hours to go to a different city with my friend and planned to meet
    this guy to hang out and go on a date while we were there.He was supposed
    to pick me up and we’d go from there but instead his DAD drove him over and
    picked me up. Honestly, I did just finish a 3 hour trip and didn’t know my
    way around and what not so having his dad there made me feel a little more
    comfortable…. BUT that’s where the comfort ended…. We ended up driving
    back to their place, which was not planned, while he told me on the way
    there that we could talk in peace, no worries, because his dad would be on
    the other side of the house and couldn’t hear a single thing so we’d have
    lots of “privacy”. We ended up sitting in his room where he got
    uncomfortably close and, when he wasn’t LITERALLY breathing down my neck
    and making awkward half growling, half flem hacking sounds, he was on his
    computer. So we were there for like, 10 minutes of that when I told him we
    should go to a movie or something like we planned. So he looked up the
    movies and said, get this, that the movie we were gonna watch ended 5
    minutes ago …. So I tell him to look up what was coming on and that we’d
    go see that. so he looks it up and tells me what’s playing, then says we’d
    be able to make it but he wasn’t able to pay… so I offered… he said k
    and we had to ask his dad to drive us to the theaters. His dad then
    complained a bit about all the driving he was having to do but he got up
    and drove us there anyway. His dad actually made me feel bad for driving us
    so I gave him some money for gas …. When we got there, we had to ride an
    elevator up which he “tripped” in and “accidentally” touched my boobs…
    Then I paid for out tickets, which were 20 dollars each (enough to pay for
    a meal each at a half decent restaurant if we wanted to.) and he then
    complained he wanted food as well…. which he could not pay for… so I
    told him I couldn’t do it and we walked inside. But that’s not where the
    creepiness ended! On the way into the actual theater, there was a line and
    the entire way in, he kept trying to kiss me to the point of grabbing my
    hand and trying to force me over …. it made me reeaally uncomfortable. I
    tried to give him a very quick peck on the cheek so he’d stop but, of
    course, he moved the last second and I got his lips. After we sat down, as
    soon as the movie started he started talking allowed about how the movie
    was so amazing and how he loved this and that while almost yelling about
    how he loved the guys sword, the whole while I was getting texts on my cell
    (that was muted and for emergencies, I might add) from my friend who was
    worried about me because I was out with this guy when all of a sudden he
    looks over and grabs a hold of my hand with his cold clammy sweaty hand
    before leaning in, getting my attention, grabbing my face and straight up
    biting my lip …. and he would NOT let go. He told me he wanted me to kiss
    him … seriously… I was so annoyed but I couldn’t even talk and I was
    embarrassed by the entire situation, I’m a shy person, I don’t do well with
    this stuff…. So I gave him a quick kiss, he let go of my lip and I asked
    him to be quiet now so I could watch the movie… instead, he sat there
    talking about how much he liked it when I kissed him until I got annoyed
    and told him I wanted to go home. He said no at first but I told him that
    if he wouldn’t give me a ride home, I’d call my friend and she could come
    get me and he could then explain to his father why I didn’t get a ride with
    him. He said ok, called his dad to pick us up and brought me back to the
    hotel i was staying at.
    Date… from… hell …. I was sooo mad. And to top it all off, the day
    after I got home, my mom, sister and I went out for a ride and to get
    something to eat. While I was out with them, I got a random text from him
    saying “Just so you know, we’re just friends. That’s all we’ve ever been
    and that’s all we’re going to be.” … In case your wondering, I did reply.
    “Umm… Hi to you to? lol.”
    He later told me he liked me and wished he could get a second chance. I
    asked him if he remembered what he texted me, he said yes, and then I said
    “Well, in that case, let me explain this to you in a way you’ll understand.
    We’re just friends. That’s all we’ve ever been and that’s all we’ll ever
    be. You said it and I sure hope you’re willing to stick to those words
    because I want nothing to do with you.”
    Haven’t heard from him since!

    Long ass story, OVER. xD?

  2. Lilja Grönrus

    this was very interesting 🙂 I kind of think Asian peopIe and Finnish
    peopIe wouId get aIong weII since we are so sociaIIy awkward here too :,D?

  3. Pretty Noona

    I remember my first blind date/set up date. So we meet up at the restaurant
    and as soon I saw him I got an uneasy feeling (and I always trust my
    feelings) to keep things short it was uncomfortable the entire time, we
    didn’t had anything in common and as he was paying for the bill he looked
    at me and said “now you own me, so get creative” I couldn’t believe what I
    had heard, so I smiled and I excuse myself to go to the Ladies room where I
    knew that I could call a taxi to come and pick me up to go back home
    safely. This was my first and last setup date I allowed my self to
    I don’t like to be setup with anyone if I’m interested in the guy he will
    know it for sure. Now I have a question for Dan & Mike, after you have said
    “you look very pretty tonight” to her and she says “thank you. You look
    very handsome tonight, I like what you are wearing.” Do guy’s like that or
    does the complement just go over the guy’s head? You know like.
    ..everything gets quite and the only sound is of a Canadian geese quaking
    while it’s flying over head…the reason why I ask is that I have said that
    before but I didn’t get a response at all..? ?

  4. Blah Smith

    I think compare to them, I am so childish when it comes to dating. I prefer
    to get to know the guy from a social connection (family, friend, etc)
    because there’s a secured feeling. Then I want to go on group hang out/date
    with him for a while. After that, we would go on alone dates, but nothing
    too dramatic – maybe to a cute coffee shop, a stroll, or to a pier or
    something fun. He shouldn’t give flowers (maybe something meaningful or
    something I’ve mentioned that I like), don’t pull out my chair, DEFINITELY
    do NOT order for me; give me suggestions and let me chose on my own. After
    some time has past, we can start to go out officially, and then we can hold
    hands, kiss, etc. Why do my criteria sound like an innocent, girly manga? ?

  5. Sig Linde

    Of course Team Mike. Not just because I have a little big crush on him, but
    I like flowers… well,and because I have a crush on him ;)?

  6. z0mbjes

    I’m Asian (not Asian American). This was very entertaining to watch :)) but
    I gotta disagree with something. First dates in Asia are usually only 2
    people, and it’s usually a full date (like going out for a whole day to the
    park or whatever), not light dinner or coffee. The reason I think is
    because we usually find out whether we like each other or not before going
    on dates (like you said, we usually are too shy to tell the other so when
    we actually get to go out on a date, the feelings are already boiled up
    lol). Unlike in the West, I think people would go on dates with as much as
    an attraction. And for double dates, I think that happens when the couples
    are together for a while :))
    How old are you guys anyways? lol cause like even with people in a
    relationship for months, we would stay away from the finance subject, I
    feel that you guys are talking more about blind dates?

  7. Simona Katsman

    Not all girls like flowers. Flowers are a very touchy subject and I wanna
    say that until you know the girl better DON’T BUY HER FLOWERS. You don’t
    know which type of flowers she prefers or which ones she’s allergic to. ?

  8. anno (Kai and Luhan and Taeyong's bitch)

    Im south asian haha and we have a lot of similarites with east asians when
    it comes to dating haha XD despite the arranged marriage ^_^?

  9. Jeromepsy001

    now I really want to know where mike planted that first kiss, because I
    would be like “that’s wonderful! do I give my cheek or my lips?”?

  10. merina

    Come up to me tell me im cute then give me a cheesecake and thats pretty
    much it, But it has to be a cake you don’t like so i won’t have to share
    better yet you don’t eat cake period, like forget the flowers they look
    better in the ground in front of my house..yeah..you can give me icecream
    to so i know its real ;)?

  11. Marina Nomiko

    getting married ASAP to an asian man, he brought flowers on the first date.

    I knew i was gonna marry kang the second I opened the door.

    Team Mike.?

  12. Nakendra Atlantis

    I’m team Mike, but I do agree with Dan when it comes to flowers. Don’t get
    me wrong I would love to receive flowers on the first date, but there are
    some people who are allergy to them or don’t like a type of flower. I think
    to play it save, (its the thought that counts) is maybe get a small stuff
    animal. But all in all, it depends on what type of date you having. If its
    something like a movie and dinner (inexpensive) stuff animal. A five-star
    dinner flowers.?

  13. luly lulyanka

    i’m for first date flowers!
    just not roses, maybe colored roses
    or one rose?

  14. Paméla Boutet

    No flowers at the first date for me ahaha I’ll feel some kind of pressure?
    x) Like it’s too early? haha?

  15. zeugfilms

    the thing that got me about dating in china was that they guy was expected
    to pay for the entire date for like all 20 people to eat. when you’re a
    poor guy in university that’s a serious investment… most guys couldn’t
    afford it so didn’t bother. and after that the “date” basically consisted
    of a shopping trip where you buy crap for her and her friends. goddamn. two
    weeks later you’re engaged.
    In england i never buy flowers, never buy drinks never buy anything. I
    think it puts this weird materialistic spin on it as if i’m paying her for
    her time… why isn’t she paying me? Only when we are in a proper
    monogamous relationship do i start buying stuff like flowers, and my gf
    buys me flowers too sometimes.?

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