Apr 25

“Dating Naked” Sexiest Moments – New Reality Show

A new reality show “Dating Naked” is about getting to know one another… without any clothes on. STORY LINK: http://dailym.ai/1pw8l9C ———————————————————–…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Emma: http://www.youtube.com/emmablackery Do you believe in love at first sight? What do you do for fun? Do you want/do you have any children? What are you looking for in a relationship? What…


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  1. Pete Gardiner

    if there is one thing i hate its video titles that mislead you to some
    douchebag chatting shit throughout the entire video?

  2. Peresee

    Claims to show sexiest moments > doesn’t show sexiest moments > shows a
    dude talking?

  3. daro2096

    Are all American presenters taught to be over the top or does it just come
    natural to them??

  4. Dale Thomas

    Naked dating is a terrible idea! Especially for the man, because what If
    the chick you get is absolutely hot! You can’t hide your boner. That would
    be embarrassing, it’s friggin normal of course but embarrassing.?

  5. Mike King

    Visit nudist colony and speak
    Lewd thoughts or stare and see how long before you are thrown out. It
    Is a modest scene and not conducive
    To a society hung up on display
    In public of the naked body, as
    Expression. As art, and of human
    Freedom. It may never be all right
    For most but there will be some
    Who defy convention in all areas of life. We.are enriched by it despite
    Those who protest too much. Not many stand up for free expression.
    It isn’t mainstream or popular like
    Dumb down tv religious quackers
    Who encourage vilification of
    What.they are secretly drawn to
    And they most fear. The humiliation of women, bad sex laws, porn and
    degredation, and sick people
    Who equate sex with filth and
    violence. We. Grow up with it yet
    Cannot reconcile the attraction to sex
    And subsequent guilt afterward. That is what is sick and that is the main
    street, the Babbitt of the rabble, the crass and the great unwashed. It is
    mans’ immutable legacy from the Garden. Fear, self hate and doubt, and
    especially towards women.
    The alcoholic rant of those uneducated from a dim past, our favorite book
    not meant for the
    spread of enlightenment but for those few who know what’s best for all. Get
    thee behind me please preacher thou
    Doeth offend and profane the good and the truthful who make not a Penney
    while you luxuriate in wealth
    And spread corruption wherever your
    Poison words cause others to choke and vomit.?

  6. Nikola Romanos

    Pornography without penetration, penis and pussy doesn’t matter.?

  7. Damian Curie

    people saying hey its natural and normal and don’t be ashamed of being
    naked ect ..but i bet peoples minds would change if they put joe public on
    the show (most of us arnt built like gods and goddesses)?

  8. Crestina Pardillo

    What the fuck get off the blues thing’s

  9. jhs

    OMG, are there only stupid wafflers left on youtube? I wanna see the
    clips and NOT listen to stupid morons waffling shit.?

  10. mario mesa

    Michael you are insanely hot dude. ?????????????

  11. Tibi Speedo

    america is fucked up?

  12. Imani Drayton

    Dating backed is bad with a capital B?

  13. johnsvideochannel

    I like going naked at the nudist beach…but you get used to it really
    quick..and don’t notice anymore…but with camera’s around would be
    annoying…. this show looks boring..not gonna watch…i do like naked and
    afraid to see the survival aspects..but even that show is a little rigged
    when they can’t catch any food or get sick?

  14. Vidya Prabhu

    , ?

  15. FTD News

    People just be looking for any reason to get naked?

  16. New Learn

  17. fatuma aden

    They sexy and naked?

  18. Rob Cocco

    Dumbest fake tv show ever!!?

  19. Erick Balfanz

    Sucks super cock!?

  20. Darth Nihilus

    ???? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ?? – ????? ???? ?? ????????????????

  21. Peter Daniel
  22. Super friendship

    Damn U people in the United states for being damn lenient on nudity and
    other mature or adult stuff on TV.If U want me to be nice to U be more
    strict on it or at least give it a TV MA and not TV 14 rating?

  23. Martin Pospíšil

    what the fuck is wrong with the world?

  24. excop360

    what if the women are on their period?

  25. ItsWayPastMyBedTime
  26. randomawkwardllama

    Aww I ship caremma …. Or emmarrie either way I shp it?

  27. Bethan Jones

    Omg in this you said ‘all I know now’ that’s cool!?

  28. The Phantasm

    I am the same exact way with the notebook/pen thing, though I prefer
    pencils. I also know exactly how you feel about your nephew, because I feel
    the exact same way about my little brother. I was 7 when he was born, so I
    still remember holding him for the first time. Best day of my life was when
    he was born, because he forever changed my life for the better (at least so
    far. I’m confident he will continue to). And yeah, I think I did squish him
    a bit too hard a couple times when he was a baby…?

  29. Kayleigh in Wonderland

    Are you going to continue with the Dear Tom videos? I really miss them :(?

  30. Alec Wilder

    You should make a list of all your fav books, i want to know all of the
    ones on your shelf i can’t see?


    Wait, there’s a “click here to watch” without the actual link ! >_< Someone please link the video please <3?

  32. ITryToDoVlogs

    Does your necklace say ‘Carrie Eponine’? That’s so cute!?

  33. DoodlesByAdzie

    – immediately starts shipping Carrie and Emma -?

  34. Chloe Feather

    I’m exactly the same with notebooks. I don’t know what it is about
    notebooks they’re just asdfghjkl… I buy too many?

  35. Georgina Hardman

    “I have I nephew called buzz, I can’t express the love I feel for that boy,
    urge I want to squish his head” even okay????made me laugh so much ahah, love
    you Carrie?????????

  36. Caitlin Marson-Finck

    At least you’ve finished ONE notebook – I haven’t even got that far haha?

  37. TheMagicalUnicorn - Maja

    Carrie, either you are my lost lost lost.lost lost lost lost LOST twin
    sister, ooooor, you are me, in the futture. I ALWAYS relate to you jn every
    video that you make, so it must be one of those 2..?

  38. Sheepiesheep 93

    I ship cemma ?????????

  39. Tilly B

    I actually thought that Carrie was a morning person?

  40. Alex Dixon

    Damnnnn Carrie. Your bookshelf has so many good books on. Is the I Am
    Number Four book better than the movie?

    (P.S. I have cake…)?

  41. GapYearGrrrrl

    I love you Carrie. *bakes you a cake*. Let’s be friends. (Sidenote: I don’t
    understand why there isn’t a friendship equivalent to dating sites?.)?

  42. NalsB

    can i have a beanie as well please ? 🙁 lol?

  43. Georgia Ambler

    I think….I think I might be a reincarnation of Carrie…same
    hobbies…same(ish) hair….OH MY GOD!!!?

  44. tubaforeva

    Please do the TMI tag! I love it when you do tags!!! :D?

  45. CrazyOtakuGleek

    New otp?

  46. Youme Bates

    my mom says nice mug?

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