Apr 24

GIRL TALK | Dating Older Guys

GIRL TALK | Dating Older Guys

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  1. Simplynessa15

    leave thoughts below 🙂

    follow me! instagram @vanessagabrielam


  2. ariella fudge

    i need you to reply
    what about a 17 year old almost 18
    and a 21 year old ???
    pleaseee reply?

  3. Tia Hymon

    I need an opinion on this Nessa and here is my question

    What about a 6th grader with an 8th grader ? -its not me ????????lol?

  4. TaraMichelleZ

    People so young have no reason to date honestly. Just enjoy your childhood,
    relationships are a complicated subject and should be dealt with once you
    are close to adulthood. If you are 12-16 do you honestly think you are
    going to be with that person forever, especially if they are 10 years
    older. A college student does not want to be with a middle schooler unless
    they are a creep. I can see maybe 20 and 30 or 25 and 35, but a 10 year age
    gap when you have only been alive for a little over 10 years is just not
    okay. These men will be messing with your mind and ruining your childhood.
    When I was 18 I had a 29 yr old interested in me and I questioned why, I
    had no job just graduated highschool and he was ready for a family. I did
    not date him because I thought about my level of maturity vs his. If you
    are not on the same level then you have no reason to be together, 99% of
    the time it will lead no where. I am currently in a great relationship I am
    24 my boyfriend is 21, which I don’t mind because we met in college, not

  5. michelleolop

    it’s not illegal! ONLY if they have sex. yes, i think a 13 year old with an
    18 year old is weird because a kid in middle school is still childish for
    an adult. But I feel when you’re around 15 and yo’re in high school there
    is NOTHING wrong with dating an 18/19 or whatever year old. Also because
    girls are more mature then guys and it’s normal if a teenage girl goes for
    someone Bit older. And it’s not illegal to date. It’s illegal is they have
    sex but not always anyway, because the age of consent is 16 or 17 depending
    on the state.?

  6. Meika Callaghan

    I agree with you 100%

    P.S. You’re absolutely stunning?

  7. Emily Taurus

    So there is a situation that I know… My cousin, he is 23, he met this
    girl online, she is 13 -.- They’re going out, they even show their love on
    social media… They haven’t met in person tho… And I don’t know how to
    tell him about that?! THAT IS SO GROSS… She’s even younger than his
    sister -.- And Im sure he knows it is extremely illegal…so he should have
    kept it as a secret and waited for her if he truly loves her… But no…he
    posts it on social media… OMFG…?

  8. BeautyByAbz

    I agree with you so much and I got so excited when I saw this! Love your
    girl talk videos, could you do one on cat calling and pedophiles, I would
    understand if not x ?

  9. Susan Styles

    I’m mentally dating an older guy he’s 19 and doesn’t know I exist and
    that’s CALUM HOOD ?????????

  10. Sass Holes

    Personally I think if you’re in your teens a three year age difference is
    as far as you should go I mean four years is really pushing it. After
    you’re 18 you can look at some older people. And if you’re an upperclassmen
    you shouldn’t date a junior high student and if you’re in junior high don’t
    date an elementary student you feel. ?

  11. Lily Rivera

    I have this friend who is a freshman dating a senior in high school. He’s
    about to turn 18. She asked me what she should do and I have no idea. Help
    me help her?

  12. Person

    Lmao at all the comments, I’m attracted to someone 29 years older than me,
    so yeah I think your “worrying age gap” of 3 years will be just fine.?

  13. Jaia Riley

    I’m young still in high school. The oldest guy I would date would probably
    be 16 or 17. My mother won’t allow me to be dating no “grown man”. Plus
    more than half of the boys in my school aren’t even close to being mature.?

  14. Alexis Maria

    Haha I’m literally the same! I get bored so easily like ugh?

  15. Jonathan Grazuolis

    i’m 39 and can’t relate to women my age because of my value for sexual
    purity………I insist on dating a virgin, which is why I don’t pursue a
    girl that’s older than 15.
    human evolution depends on a couple who are mutually sexually pure, so
    dating an older woman is just gross.?

  16. Danni?ll? Ramriez

    What About .. Me being
    13 & my boyfriend being 15.. Is that okay??

  17. Ifrah xo

    Personally if you’re still on school I think just 1 grade difference okay,
    just like an 8th grader with a 9th grader or just the same grade.

    but never like a 7th grader with 9th or 10th thats just too much, but if
    you’re adults and its 5 or more agd difference i think its okay. ?

  18. Piano Rush

    Could you do a video on eating disorders and like stuff like that because
    there’s a whole bunch on stuff going on in my brain about it and I need
    your opinion because your amazing! Pls make a video thanks! ?

  19. LetsJazzItUp

    can you give a link to this background music?

  20. TheDorkyDorcas

    You said this all to well! I know hot people who dated younger girls or
    even flirted with them in school, and it’s just too creepy for me to deal
    haha. I totally understand what you mean by the different ages of dating it
    makes sense. And geez we have the same problem some people would say I look
    21-23 and other would say I look 14-16 which is crazy! I think it’s the
    clothes and makeup because when I don’t where “all good” I look younger but
    when my make is well and my outfit, I guess I look more mature, this was a
    really good video! Loved it!?

  21. S Ahmad

    Im 17 and my Boyfriend is 23.. he’s got a full time job and i am a full
    time college student, been together for 2+ years.?

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