Apr 26

how to crochet bikini free pattern.

how to crochet bikini free pattern.

Video tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wPb1ByAzYE&feature=youtu.be http://meylah.com/marifu6a.
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  1. marinella marifu6a

    !!!!!!!!! in this month i made video tutorial and all pattern with written
    instructions and step by step photos and charts this swimsuit.?

  2. Charity Childers

    Since when is asking people to pay you 5.99 FREE? I would like to know what
    world you are living in??

  3. Juliana pereira fernandes

    lindissímo amei?

  4. bill skater

    Seria possível ensinar esse top passo a passo?

  5. karen peterkin

    to die for?

  6. Mily Healey

    you don’t sell them???

  7. Raghda Hulaiba

    Will someone please tell me the name of this stitch??

  8. Nilsa Santiago

    Very beautuful. Would love to see the pattern for the bottom part. ?

  9. heba alsaeed

    please could you help us to have a tutorial about it pleZzzz?

  10. yudith espino

    Cool i know how to do the top part but the bottom i dont think so. I will
    be crocheting the bottom differently but it should look similar :).?

  11. Mumu tun

    wow.. so much work.. understand how to do but it will take awhile to

  12. Aieisia DaQueen

    I went to the site and this wasn’t a there does anyone know what stitch
    that is and if there’s a video how to make this please let me know thanks?

  13. GottaLive&Love

    where is the free part? is there a way you could email me the pattern?

  14. Moraima Valladares

    muy lindo,pero por favor explica como lo haces por favor..?

  15. Moraima Valladares

    could teach step by step how to do it please? this beautiful?

  16. Isaura Puentes
  17. llanero sabanero

    el traje esta super bellisimo me encanta … bueno soy principiante y de
    verdad me gustaria saber como hacerlo sera q me dejas algun link o algo por

  18. Elaina Keepingitspiritual

    Shame on you for false advertisement.

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