Oct 27

Modernization of existing Fuji Lift elevator

An important part of any Passenger Elevator modernization is replacement of the cab interior finishes.

It provides visual confirmation that the reduced service levels during the extensive modernization process brought substantial elevator improvements.

By enhancing a building’s image, it should also help attract and retain tenants.

And because hoist machines have maximum design limits on suspended load, aesthetic upgrades influence whether a hoist machine can be retained or must be replaced.

Depending upon the building’s size and the number of elevators to be modernized, the modernization process can take a substantial amount of time, up to a year or more.

Both prior to the start of the project and while modernization is proceeding, good communication with tenants, about the benefits they will experience once the work is done and the aesthetic upgrades that are part of the modernization, significantly reduces frustration caused by the interim reduction in elevator service.

Modernization of existing Fuji Lift elevator and escalator systems is a major undertaking in an occupied building and should be carefully planned to minimize disruption to tenants.