May 06

Online Dating Profiles That Work

Online Dating Profiles That Work

Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to write a great online dating profile that will get several new high quality beautiful women who are exactly what you are looking for to contact you first for…
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Greg would be a great match because he can take care of you intellectually and physically. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Tim and…
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  1. OptiCam1

    My personal experience taught me that online dating is a bad way to go.
    Most women in online dating sites are damaged goods, which only makes them
    suitable for sex partners. And if you are in it only for sex, then pay
    yourself a hooker (this is in Corey´s book, and I totally agree). Here,
    let´s do some harsh math:

    X = your hourly salary
    Y = number of hours you have to spend in online dating sites before you
    actually get a date
    A = cost of an hour with a prostitute

    X . Y = Z

    If Z is lower than A, then it is more convenient to pay a prostitute. Also,
    with a prostitute, failure rate is close to 0, while online dating does not
    guarantee anything.

    Finally, I realized that sites in which women are subscribed for casual sex
    have only one and just one thing that matters: money. Every man there is
    trying to get free sex, so you just have to offer an exciting and expensive
    activity (go jetskying to the beach) or sometimes just plain money to stand
    out and do a homerun. Talking from personal experience.?

  2. jvinson

    LMAO @ “Dude, you sound like a dick.”?

  3. u2good2b4gotn

    5:11 “X-Clan”??? This guy still listens to X-Clan? Wow.?

  4. u2good2b4gotn

    I don’t think it truly matters what you write these days. Sad truth is if a
    woman doesn’t like your picture, she’s not even going to read what you
    write. There’s a funny double standard when it comes to online profiles. We
    look at women as “glasses half-full” (there’s potential there); women look
    at us as “glasses half empty” (what’s he hiding?). That, although they are
    looking just like we are, that we are desperate losers, and that THEY are
    the sane, sincere and genuine ones.

    Real losers get treated like losers. But the more “with it” you claim to
    be, the more she will wonder why you can’t meet a woman the conventional
    way. And those are just the women that are SERIOUS about finding someone.
    The rest are just more interested in “likes” or the number of times their
    profile is viewed. #obviouslynotmuchsuccess?

  5. Rob Colquhoun

    Corey.. love how you were able to not laugh while reading. The dude’s
    looking for a woman of integrity and high quality, but tosses out “hooker”
    in the first paragraph. Whether or not he comes off as a dick (he does),
    his profile is super intense, and women don’t want to be online anyway, so
    he needs to lighten up a bit.

  6. SoulRequieme

    Adding to your points… quoting my male creative writing prof. from back
    in high school, “To be a good writer is to be a good hooker.” You want your
    opening line to be something that makes them -want- to read more…. not
    something that makes them thing you’re a male chauvinist dickhead.

  7. Coach Corey Wayne


  8. dirtnastyish

    Man you know the world is out of whack when a guy like Greg is still
    single. He can take care of you intellectually and physically AND he has
    your office equipment repair taken care of as well. People just have their
    priorities backwards these days.?

  9. AceKulpster1988

    Factoid: Greg loves tubing in creeks.?

  10. Poe8100

    “It is very hard for me to find shoes.”
    That made me laugh uncontrollably for about 3 minutes!?

  11. Charles Crumb


  12. lazlo van buuren

    I borrow heavily from the latin culture.. which means that as soon as I
    mount you ill begin screeching ‘Andale, Andale! Arriba! yeppa’ into your
    They dont call me Speedy Gonzales just because I can snatch your crumbs in
    the blink of an eye?

  13. Mason Wiegand

    Feet so petite, sounds like a lady walking in the room.?

  14. Mike Marguccio

    I thought that he was Steve Buscemi…?

  15. BetterOffDiggin

    Petite feet, feminine step, sounds like a lady when he’s walking in the

  16. JustSimplyLego

    Who is this dude.?

  17. Alexy Guadalupe


  18. Stanky mcdonald

    this sucks because I have an intense foot fetish for petite female feet and
    this video makes my penis very very sad and disturbed.How the hell am I
    supposed to masturbate with a disturbed penis????? HOW DAMMIT!!!!

    ‘Disturbed Penis’ <-- Tell me you wouldnt see a band with that name in concert. I think I might create a new youtube account with that as my handle...just to make sure noone else claims it?

  19. ???

    I’ve been told I have a very feminine stepffhaaha whoooah?

  20. 5555

    Factoid: Greg loves tubing in creeks.?

  21. SirSponge941

    How you gonna have a 30 second ad before a minute long vid, adult swim?
    That’s just rude?

  22. Daniel Christie

    Make another one please. Lol?

  23. Alyssa Adelheid

    Wow greate to much.?

  24. Joe DiCicco

    I love how T & E have continuity between their skits.?

  25. Lauren S

    Petite feet, feminine step, sounds like a lady when he’s walking in the

  26. Matt Tait

    Not bad.?

  27. mythesto

    i borrow heavily from the latin culture.?

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