Apr 30

There’s a Dating Website for Everyone

There's a Dating Website for Everyone

Ellen found some dating websites so crazy, she had to share them with her audience, including one she made herself.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. AliG6252010

    Ok so I’m a guy and I’m seriously confused, WTF is a Gspot supposed to
    mean? Is that money, WHAT????

  2. Matthew Hurlbut

    Basically all she had to type to get rid of him was “I’m a guy” and she
    would have won right away. ?

  3. badboi0717

    Jesus Christ dudes are babies. Women having shitty experiences on dating
    sites and the internet in general isnt like…a myth they made up to be
    mean it reportedly happens all the time. Its not some ‘feminazi plot” and
    its not male bashing for them to want these experiences to cease, or for
    media to reflect their discomfort. Grow the fuck up. If you’re not the type
    of dude who sends these gross ass messages then it shouldn’t be a problem
    for you to laugh at this. ?

  4. Maynard Kemp

    I wonder if the creators of Youtube read the comment section and ask, “What
    have we done?!?” or are they more like evil mad scientists petting a cat
    saying, “Excellent… Excellent… Fight for our amusement.”?

  5. Nikola Silvers

    The main problem with dating sites is the fact that you have to have an
    insane amount of patience to shovel through an ocean of crap to find the
    golden gems. Yes, they are out there, you just need to recognize them, it
    just takes practice.?

  6. Edward Chamourian

    All she had to say was “I love you” way to soon.?

  7. DontTellMyFriends

    I still get men making passes at me on online dating even though my profile
    clearly says that I’m gay. Hell I get more men contacting me than women. ?

  8. Jorge Ramirez

    I wrote a huge diatribe about how I hate the guys commenting on this video.
    Then I deleted it because nothing I say means anything so….fuck?

  9. saquist

    I liked the Girl She was cute
    But not very funny…?

  10. Filthy

    What’s with the title of this video? Why is it titled like a countdown when
    it’s very clearly a sketch?….?

  11. intheshitter

    Now they should make one with a guys profile and see who can get a date the

  12. Kylie Dalessandro

    I love that women created men, take that genesis?

  13. Lucas Wood

    Did Michael Swaim make the salute to the General joke from How I Met Your
    Mother at the beginning of the episode??

  14. Nunya Bizniz

    Of course this video would bring feminazis in droves. Let’s add a little
    perspective to what’s going on here.

    If you want to blame anyone for the modern day male’s view towards modern
    day women, blame feminazis. Since they’ve entered the scene they’ve turned
    women’s image into inconsiderate, freeloading or completely asinine
    babymakers. And they contribute to this problem in multiple ways.

    1.) Women were the teacher of virtues, morals and social etiquette for the
    whole family back then. Not any more! Being independent and exerting their
    rights is more important. lol

    2.) Mothers raising their sons to be feminists fail to realize that they
    are destroying their sons psychologically. The men eventually grow up to
    hate women, especially feminists and feminazis, because they were taught
    that they were the cause of war and other venomous bullshit. Then all those
    lessons that caused them to hate themselves turned into hatred towards both
    sexes when they grew up and realized it was all discriminatory propaganda.
    The discrimination made them hate themselves before they even got out into
    the world and now they see women as cum dumpsters. Good job.

    3.) Feminazis hurt their own movement by spewing most of the retardedly
    nonfactual propaganda in the history of debate. Even the *real* feminists
    are embarrassed and/or disgusted even remotely being associated with them
    due to them not only antagonizing men but snapping at women who are not
    doing male-dominant jobs. What does that tell men?? It tells them women are
    more capable than ever of completely ruining the lives of everyone around

    4.) The strength of the feminist movement affected the justice system in a
    way that a female nowadays has a much higher chance of claiming ownership
    of their children and successfully filing a rape charge against men. They
    can also claim alot of a guy’s shit through divorce without really doing
    anything. More reasons for men to not get into relationships.

    A man can be a nice thing to have in your life, but if you are going to
    treat him like shit all you’ll ever get is shit. Have a nice day.?

  15. Voluntaryism Not the State

    MORE male-bashing? Gee, what a surprise.?

  16. K91242

    Fuck dating sites. It’s full of desperate and horny dudes and fake female
    accounts or real slutty female accounts. Is it really THAT hard to go out
    somewhere and strike up a conversation with someone you think is cute? No.
    Instead of being a lazy ass, go out there and meet people. At a party, at
    college, at a library, at a store, etc. We are getting lazier and lazier as
    time goes by. Sooner or later, we’d be sitting at home 24/7 with our eyes
    glued to our computers and that is a sad thought?

  17. Antoine Heisensperg


  18. negigima

    All it would really take is “I have a dick.” Scare off most guys. She
    wouldn’t even get a response back.?

  19. QuartuvLarry

    Wait, what?! Chicks that smoke weeeeeeeeed all day are…bad??

  20. Leo Staley

    This is a great TV show. I would watch it if it were on TV.

    I don’t own a TV.?

  21. Janice Columbus

    Funnnnnny!!!!!!!! Uh, funny, funny, funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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