Apr 27

Wally Britishh Goes Dating @duttyberryshow

Wally Britishh Goes Dating @duttyberryshow

Wally’s Youtube Page- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrmNMbTrDsqsS-vKZuXOAqg Thanks for watching everyone. Please Like, Subscribe and Comment, Share. Really Appreciate it. Contact- …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. TheDuttyBerryShow

    New vid! New vid! Had fun recording in Portland. Like, Share. Sunscribe

  2. cinnamon spice

    Seedy bag press out like patti

  3. NikMac

    I really enjoyed this. It was really funny. Keep up the good work guys. You
    should do more videos togather.?

  4. Haile Mecael

    Wally Britishh Goes Dating very funny?

  5. Vanya Chiles


  6. suzy jones

    Wally Britishh Goes Dating @duttyberryshow: http://youtu.be/rrCcLCKvbfg?

  7. Corey Pryce

    Wally Britishh Goes Dating @duttyberryshow: http://youtu.be/rrCcLCKvbfg?

  8. Felesha Williams

    Can’t share the video boss?

  9. hokwinita

    Wally British big up……..?

  10. Rochelle Thorpe

    dwl, since when scottish and british become different ting??

  11. Marite Marley

    I read all the comments and I am hoping for a reply am mine’s.?

  12. Daneilla Walker

    Lolll…I love the way berry said the tyerd a it.lmfao love wally British
    and dutty berry…Jamaica to the world?

  13. CreamyButta

    this look like errol flyn….bikini beach??.. somewhere……………..

    anyway love wally!!!!……

    be blessed?

  14. purpleplush100

    This is funny ?

  15. Jolisa Williams

    Guyyyyy you need to do another one of theses Mi ded …. Plus I’m a new
    subbie… ?

  16. Jason Robinson

    Dead ah laugh, two of my favorite jamaican personality de dutty British
    link up. Hol on dat nuh sound to rite. British berry?

  17. Wally Britishh


  18. hokwinita

    Whoaaaaa sah…..?

  19. T'asia Montana

    So she fine a man lol?

  20. GoldGloveTV
  21. Jordan Games

    Like if you’re watching in 2015?

  22. Ismail Ceylan

    “U killed our pimp ull die for dis” priceless XD lmao?

  23. Rantingisalwaysfun

    That’s why Day Z players annoy me. I understand killing a “fresh spawn” if
    they’re trying to kill you, but if you see 4 fresh spawns in a group, and
    two of them have no pants, and you kill them, then that’s just being a

  24. Darian C

    “You killed our pimp!”

    I almost lost it when I heard that line.?

  25. Enrique Lane

    that ending ttho……XDDDDDD?

  26. Beth Reiber

    Find a gun and tell him go in a home leave him and when he comes out shot
    him Kill him?

  27. TimeBandit12

    How was goldy keeping a straight face well doing this!?! OMG!?

  28. Drunk On Custard

    “Im your pimp you little bastard get over here” xD 12:18?

  29. IAmATechNoob

    So this is how he met George…?

  30. xboxisfun100

    3:33 that’s my name er mer gerd?

  31. Timothy Kyi

    man the fresh prince of bel air that was a classic show RIP uncle Phil?

  32. DG Hammer Cow

    14 fps? 4gb of ram and dual core processor wit 60 fps you scrub lol jk?

  33. FunnyQuinn123

    I cried too?

  34. NaikedBats

    omg best episode ever?

  35. Jonea Swatsworth

    “You killed our pimp!”
    I died laughing!?

  36. EpiCxxBEAST

    Fresh prince of belaire lol

  37. Andre Thibodeau
  38. John Boyd

    the saddest moment in DayZ history. :(?

  39. RacoonCH

    What about GAY Z??

  40. james bond

    Nigga the homie with the same name

  41. sean kelley

    This was great?

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