Apr 03

who remained unbeaten on 30

Punjab never really got going after choosing to bat, as their batsman struggled to stitch together decent partnerships. Opener Sarul Kanwar top scored with 31 from 33, but it took some lower order hitting by allrounder Bipul Sharma, who made 27 from 16, with three fours and a six, to push Punjab to 137. Sharma and Karan Goel, who remained unbeaten on 30, racked up 36 from the last 4.3 overs, but it proved to be too little too late..

In Taiwan, piracy has also become more sophisticated. The Taiwanese have set up about 1,000 “public performance centers” in the past eight months. The Taiwanese owners say they are providing “private booths,” where individuals can invite their friends in to watch movies.

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In his post How thinking for others can boost your creativity, Christian Jarrett summarizes: and Emich found that participants drew more original aliens for a story to be written by someone else than for a story they were to write themselves; that participants thought of more original gift ideas for an unknown student completely unrelated to themselves, as opposed to one who they were told shared their same birth month; and that participants were more likely to solve an escape-from-tower problem if they imagined someone else trapped in the tower, rather than themselves. of the interesting comments on this post: suspect this demonstrates the advantage of being in careers which empower us to solve the problems of people who desire creative solutions. Examples include wedding planners, high end chefs and web page designers.